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What Are Pearls?

Pearl is derived from the Latin Pernulo. Another name of pearl is Margarite, which is derived from ancient Persian Sanskrit, meaning “son of the sea”. Pearl is an ancient organic gem, mainly produced in Pearl shellfish and Pearl mother shellfish mollusks. In a broad sense, pearls can be considered as hard lumps with calcium carbonate as the main component secreted by animals to protect themselves.

Pearls not only look very beautiful, they also symbolize wisdom and are thought to help in attracting wealth and luck, which have been deeply loved by people since ancient time. Moreover, in a beautiful Hindu story of Vishnu, pearl is a symbol of love, union and purity.

Actually, Pearls have long been associated with weddings, they are the traditional present for a 30th wedding anniversary. The gift of pearl shows how much your love has grown. Why? It because they take many years to grow inside the mollusk. They form by adding layers over time, growing stronger and more durable. Like the pearl, a marriage grows and becomes stronger and more durable over time. The pearl also represents the beauty and elegance of the marriage.

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