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Freshwater ak pearl jewelry

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Differences Among Akoya Pearls vs Freshwater AK Pearl vs Freshwater Pearl

1. Growing Environment of Freshwater Pearls vs Freshwater AK Pearls vs Akoya Pearls
Freshwater Pearl 

Most of freshwater pearls in the market are "tissue-nucleated" culturede pearls from China. By using the technology that implant stimulants in the freshwater mussels to stimulate pearl information, freshwater pearls now can be cultivated in the lakes, rivers and ponds very well. And the quality of the freshwater pearls are getting better and better, it depends on luster, shape, colors, etc. For the most popular freshwater pearls, you may always find high quality Edison Pearl and Freshwater AK pearl. 

 Freshwater AK Pearl 
 Unlike the normal freshwater cultured pearls, freshwater AK pearls are bead-nucleated cultured pearl, which is the same as AKOYA pearl. And the big difference between freshwater pearl and Akoya pearl is that the former one is made in freshwater oyster and the other one is made in saltwater oyster. 

Akoya Pearl 
Akoya pearl is a bead-nucleated cultured pearl that cultivated from Akoya oysters that growing in the saltwater. Most of Akoya Pearl. Over 95% of Akoya pearls are from Japan, some of them are from China, Thailand, Australia, etc. With typical Akoya oysters, it takes about 10-18 months for the cultured Akoya pearl size to be large enough for harvesting. During this time, living conditions are carefully monitored by pearl farmers, who adjust water, food, and nutrients accordingly.

2. Quality of Freshwater Pearls vs Freshwater AK Pearls vs Akoya Pearls
Freshwater Pearl 

At recently, it takes around 2 years to cultivate freshwater pearls, one freshwater pearl oyster will produce over 25 pearl. However, the normal freshwater pearl is tissue-nucleated cultured pearl, though freshwater pearls have big output, it's hard to find high-quality pearls, especially for the round pearl, it's vary rare, and the luster is just-so-so. This is the reason why people think freshwater pearl are not worth much money than saltwater pearl when them metioned pearls. 

Freshwater AK Pearl 
However, with the new technology development, around 2 years ago, Chinese people now found a new way to produce the bead-nucleated freshwater pearl called Freshwater AK Pearl, the high quality of which can be the same as the high quality Akoya pearl. It is a great contribution in pearl industry and good news for pearl jewelry lovers, with the same quality of freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls no matter the unique luster, color, shapes and sizes, you can one at a more affordable price. What a big surprise! 

Akoya Cultured Pearl 
Akoya Cultured Pearls are always considered as gorgeous and high quality cultured pearls. This bead-nucleated cultured pearl was first produced by Japanese. To guarantee the high quality of Akoya Pearl, one Akoya oyster only produce 1-2 Akoya pearl, it grows in the ocean up to about two years to allow sufficient time for the pearl to form with thick nacre and wonderful luster. The output and quality of Akoya pearls are strictly controlled by Japanese every year, which is why the price has remained high for so long time. 

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