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South Sea Cultured Pearl Jewelry

South Sea Pearls are the most prized cultured pearls in the world. They’re farmed in the largest pearl oyster Pinctada maxima in Australia, Burma, Indonesia and the Philippines. Gorgeous South Sea pearls, treasured for centuries, are the ultimate statement of luxury and glamour. These large, creamy white and golden pearls are cultured in the South Pacific and are treasured for their opulence in breathtaking strands and pearl jewelry. On average, a South Sea pearl will require two to three years to develop. A South Sea pearl oyster can produce up to three or four pearls over the course of its life. That's why the South Sea Pearl are so valuable.

australian south sea white pearl

12-16mm High Quality Round South Sea White Pearl Strands

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The difference between South Sea Pearl vs Tahitian Pearl vs Edison Pearl:

1. Origin of Tahitian Pearl vs South Sea Pearl vs Edison Pearl

Tahitian Pearl
The origin of Tahitian pearl is a type of saltwater pearl that are from the coasts of Tahitian in French Polynesia. According to the analysis, around 95% of Tahitian Pearls are from the French Polynesia, and 4% of Tahitian pearls are from Penrhyn Island and Majuhiki Island in the Cook Islands.

South Sea Pearl
However, the South Sea Pearls are mainly from the northwestern coast of Australia. It's saltwater pearl.

Edison Pearl
Unlike South Sea Pearls & Tahitian Pearls, Edison Pearls are freshwater pearl that mainly cultivated in Zhuji, Zhejiang, China.

2. Oyster of Tahitian Pearl vs South Sea Pearl vs Edison Pearl

Tahitian Pearl
Pinctada margatifera are the only oysters that create Tahitian pearls.

South Sea Pearl
Pinctada maxima pearl oysters, specifically gold-lipped and silver-lipped oysters, are what generate and create South Sea pearls.

Edison Pearl: It is cultivated from freshwater oyster.

3. Colors of Tahitian Pearl vs South Sea Pearl vs Edison Pearl

Tahitian Pearl
The natural color of Tahitian Pearl are black, which is very rare and dramatic. Most “black” Tahitian pearls are a kaleidoscope of iridescent hues that seem to visually adapt to any color they are worn with. Although they’re known for their distinct dark range of colors, even black Tahitian pearls are not actually black. They are are instead silver, charcoal or a multitude of colors, with the dominant color being green. An often sought-after color is “peacock green” – the greenish black color of a peacock feather. Truly black pearls are among the most beautiful pearls in the world and are extremely rare. They typically have more of a drop shape than a round shape and vary in size from 8 to 18 mm.

South Sea Pearl
South Sea Pearl are natually delicate pastel in hue and color. They range from soft white to creamy champagne and pink, however what we can find South Sea Pearl in the market are mainly in white and gold color, which considered as the best quality of South Sea Pearl.

Edison Pearl
Edison Pearls have a variety of colors for you to choose, the natural colors of Edison pearl are white, metallic cream, pink, gold, lavender, plum and dark purple. Some pearls can exhibit a grayish color. Also Edison pearls can be dyed in different colors, such as black, etc.

4. Quality of Tahitian Pearl vs South Sea Pearl vs Edison Pearl

Tahitian Pearl
Tahitian cultured pearls aren't really black. They appear in shades of brown, gray, blue, green and purple as well. They also have gorgeous overtones that give Tahitian cultured pearls an incredible beauty. Tahitian pearls are bigger than most pearls, are comprised of unusual colors, and take more time to produce. The size of Tahitian pear is approximately 8 mm to 18 mm. Moreover, the shape of Tahitian pearl is very beautiful, thanks to the saltwater growing environment, the Tahitian pearl are almost around, which are the most valuable.

South Sea Pearl
The most striking characteristics of South Sea Pearls are their unusual color and larger size. South Sea Pearls are among the largest and the most highly valued pearls. After nucleation, South Sea pearls take two to six years to fully mature. Their rarity and exceptional size, from 8 to 22 mm, make them highly prized. South Sea pearls are rare and desired not only for their size, but also for their beautiful satin luster.

Edison Pearl
Edison pearls usually come in sizes larger than 9mm with the most common in the 11-12mm range, some of them can be 15mm-20mm, but very rare. Though Edison pearl is freshwater cultured pearl, it has been created for only around 10 years, the technology of Edison pearl is very well, the quality of the pearl can be almost as the same quality as Tahitian pearls and South Sea Pearl. The nacre thickness on Edison pearls is similar to that of South Sea pearls at about 2.0mm to 3.5mm on an average sized pearl. This is considered a thick layer of nacre, which is responsible for the beautiful pearl essence and appearance of the gemstones. And the affordable price makes them getting more and more popular both for designers and customers.

5. Price of Tahitian Pearl vs South Sea Pearl vs Edison Pearl

Tahitian Pearl & South Sea Pearl
No matter which type of pearl, the value of pearl depends on its shape, color, sizes and more. But in generally, Tahitian pearl and South Sea pearl are growing in saltwater environment, the water quality is difficult to control, which makes the cultivation cost much higher. In addition, the shapes of both pearls are almost round, their color and surface are always in high quality and charming. Thus Tahitian pearls and South Sea Pearl are often high value on the pearl market.

Edison Pearl
Since Edison pearls are grown in freshwater, with the high-technology, it's easier to control and improve the water quality, that's why the quality of Edison pearl are much better than other freshwater pearls and the sizes are bigger. For some of Edisom pearl, you can pay at more affordable prices for almost the same quality as the Tahitian pearl and South Sea pearl.

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