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Our Story

Eusharon Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a licensed wholesaler in China for Loose Pearls, Pearl Strands, and Pearl Jewelry. Focus on middle and high-quality pearls and pearl jewelry for over 20 years of experience. Stable quality and sufficient supply. Your reliable pearl wholesale supplier.

In 1999, several young people who are professional in jewelry and passionate about it, and started their own jewelry business by offline. From middlemen to manufacturers, they built farms and factories to provide more stable and better products to all our customers. With the increasing updates of the global market and times, Leah & Ben have changed the sales model from offline to online. The quality and enough stuck of pearl jewelry help lots of Pearl Jewelry Companies from overseas doing pearl business successfully.

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Factory & Farm

Eusharon Pearl Farm

As a first direct freshwater pearl wholesaler, Eusharon has own farm and factory to manufacture natural pearls, cultured freshwater pearls and various types of pearl jewelry. To meet all our customer's needs, we offer products ranging from Freshwater Pearls to Saltwater Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Edison PearlsFreshwater AK Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and South Sea Pearls with stable high-quality at wholesale prices.

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Our Certificates

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Our Aim

Spread the value of pearls, popularize pearl-related information, and let more people know about pearls and fall in love with pearls. Our goal is the development of the enterprise itself but also hopes to contribute to the development of the pearl industry.

Our Focus

Eusharon has a professional team of passionate & competitive that provide real-time quick responses within 24 hours. Moreover, we provide Co-partner Support service and are fully responsible for your purchase with completely Eusharon strict control. Free-risk with 30 days returns is guaranteed.

Our Service

As a professional pearl company with 20+ years of experience, Eusharon can be your best wholesale supplier as we provide high-quality Loose Pearls, Strand Pearls and Pearl Jewelry in a range of Freshwater Pearls, Edison Pearls, Freshwater AK Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, and South Sea Pearls with stable quality sufficient supply.

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