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12-14mm AAA- Natural Multicolor Round Edison Pearl Strands

SKU: SJ-PS0280-sample

This is 12-14mm size AAA- grade round shape natural mixed color cultured Edison pearl strand with very good luster and a very slightly spotted surface. Multicolor matching pearl strands for the necklace. One piece is 16 inches long and is made up of multi-loose pearls. Wholesale matching pearls for necklace making.

SKU: SJ-PS0280
Pearl Type: Edison Pearl
Product Length: Approx 16 inch
Pearl Shape: Round
Pearl Grade: AAA-
Pearl Size: 12-14mm(A few of 12-15mm or 12-16mm)
Pearl Color: Natural Multicolor
Pearl Luster: Very Good
Pearl Surface: Very Slightly

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Customer Reviews

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Gina Lam
Selected Pearls are good, but some are not

This company are willing work with you on flexible order and drill pearls for free. 12-14mm AAA- Natural Multicolor Round Edison Pearl Strands is good. However, I also order other pearl strands such as 12-14mm Round Edison Pearl Strands, 12-14mm AAA- White Round Edison Pearl Strands, 12-14mm Lavender Round Cultured Edison Pearl from this company. These pearls they sent me are mostly smaller than the size I order. These strands I order are size 12-14mm, only few are in the right size, most of pearls in these strands are much smaller than 12mm, some are 2.3mm size smaller than 12mm. Condition are so so. I also order 5 pair of 11-12mm Chinese Red Round Edison Pearl Matching Pair. However, they send me 2 pair of Chinese Red round Edison pearls, 1 pair gold color pearl and 2 pair of Lavender pearl which one pair of Lavender pearls are size 10.8mm --- that is small than the size 11-12mm(my order size). I email this company regarding these problem in my order, so far no response from this company.